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Professional Carpet Cleaning: How We Refreshed Old Carpet Look New.

Many people believe it’s too hard to keep carpets clean and safe, which they think can make the air and home less pleasant. However, that’s not entirely true – carpets can be cleaned! At Hire Carpet Cleaner, we’ve shown this time and again. A homeowner contacted us recently to clean his carpet that hadn’t been cleaned for a while. This case study demonstrates how we were able to make his four-year-old carpet look nearly new again.

A hand of professional carpet cleaner is cleaning dirty carpet
A hand of professional carpet cleaner is cleaning dirty carpet

The Customer

A family with three kids living in Canberra.

The Problem

On December 5, 2023, the homeowner reached out wanting information about our carpet cleaning service. He said his carpet badly needed a professional cleaning since it hadn’t been cleaned in a long time. He found our contact details on our website as he and his family did not want to tackle the job themselves. We arranged to check the carpet the next day.

Our Solution

Upon inspecting the carpet, our team figured out the best cleaning procedure for the customer’s high-quality carpet. Knowing which cleaning method to use for various stains on different types of carpet is crucial for effective cleaning. This carpet was made from pure wool. With this insight, we provided the homeowner with an affordable quote.

Once the quote was accepted, our team prepared to start the cleaning work. The family was surprised and pleased by how well the carpets were cleaned.

We achieved amazing results for our client. The process was affordable, and the family was glad they chose to clean their carpet instead of buying a new one. With proper care, their carpet in their home will continue to look great for many more years.

The Outcome

After the thorough cleaning, our customer was thrilled with the outstanding results we achieved. They confirmed that our service was the best they had received from any carpet cleaning company in Canberra. But the now-clean carpet itself was the best proof of our work.

Keeping a carpet clean may seem daunting, but the best approach is to prevent dirt buildup in the first place. This ensures the carpet stays in good condition and doesn’t need deep cleaning as often.

Carpet Care Tips

You’d be surprised at how straightforward the best cleaning methods are and how much dirt vacuums can miss.

Historically, during the 1950s, to sell vacuums, salespeople would demonstrate their vacuums’ effectiveness by first allowing the household’s vacuum to try cleaning a mess they made on the carpet and then using their model to show how much dirt was still left. This tactic often secured the sale. However, the issue wasn’t always with the old vacuum, but with the challenge of removing dirt from carpets once it’s embedded.

Staying Clean

To keep carpets cleaner, limit how much dirt can get on them from the start. Establish a no-shoe policy or place sturdy doormats at every entry.

Vacuuming regularly is essential to prevent dirt from embedding deeper into the carpet. A user-friendly vacuum is key. Concentrate on the dirtiest parts: near doors, high-traffic areas, and anywhere else as needed. For carpets not cleaned regularly, increase your vacuuming efforts for the first three months. Using a powerful vacuum cleaner makes a significant difference.

The best way to ensure a carpet is thoroughly cleaned is to have it professionally cared for. For wall-to-wall carpeting, professional cleaners with the right equipment are your best choice. Cleaning the carpets yourself with a rental machine may not yield the best results, as specific knowledge of carpet fibers and cleaning chemicals is required. However, Hire Carpet Cleaner is always ready to help you with your carpet cleaning needs in Canberra.