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Cheap Carpet Dry Cleaning Service

Cheap Carpet Dry Cleaning Service

Hire Carpet Cleaner offers the option of a dry clean for people who might be short on time. Carpet dry cleaning is when the cleaning process uses very low or minimal moisture. Special treatments and cleaning agents are still used on the carpet but the process is not as damp as the widely used steam cleaning method.

Carpet dry cleaning is great for those areas which need a clean carpet that will quickly dry in their home or business. Dry cleaned carpets can be walked on and used almost straight away without affecting the new clean look.

a person walks on carpet leaving dirt on it

Ideal circumstances for carpet Dry Cleaning:

Our technicians will visit to place and professionally work on your carpet. Even though it is not a steam clean process still our experts take their task seriously and take care to your carpet. All technicians work to the highest industry standards and use the latest cleaning equipment. We also use environmentally safe and effective chemicals to reduce the risk of damage to your carpets. Carpet dry cleaning service is suitable for:

  • Busy office areas.
  • Public walkways.
  • Quick cleaning of specific stains or dirt patches.
  • Busy families who need to keep using the floor areas.
  • Regular cleaning to rid a room of pet or smoke smells.

How often do you need to clean carpets?

It’s important that you vacuum your carpet around two times a week or even more if they take up dirt so quickly. Vacuuming is only a light cleanup and will often not take away all the debris and dirt that’s on the carpet. With time, the carpet continues to trap dirt that lodges within the tufts. A deep clean up with the help of a professional carpet cleaner needs to be done every 12 to 24 months. If you have little children, pets, or if you are a smoker or live with one, you want to see that you clean the carpet often.

If you reside in an area with a lot of pollution or dust, you want to clean the carpet often as dirty carpet can have a negative impact on your health. To help you go longer between cleans you may want to use a welcome mat placed at the backdoor and front door. It will help reduce the amount of dirt that gets into your home. If you happen to spill something on the carpet, make sure you spot clean it immediately by dabbling to minimise the chances of having a stubborn stain forming.

a woman and baby walking on carpet

Tips and cautions after carpet dry cleaning

  • Ventilation:
    Open windows and doors to allow fresh air to circulate and expedite the drying process. 
  • Wait Before Walking:
    Even though dry cleaning is designed to be quick-drying, allowing a few hours for the carpet to fully dry will prevent any potential re-soiling and help maintain the cleaning results.
  • Furniture Placement:
    Be cautious when placing furniture back on the carpet. Consider waiting until the carpet is completely dry before rearranging furniture.
  • Keep Pets Away:
    If you have pets, keep them away from the cleaned carpet until it is thoroughly dry. This prevents any paw prints or fur from getting onto the carpet.
  • Address stains promptly:
    While dry cleaning is effective for general cleaning, it may not eliminate all types of stains. If you notice any remaining stains after the service, address them promptly using appropriate stain removal methods or contact the cleaning service for advice.
  • Regular maintenance:
    Do regular vacuum cleaning to prevent dirt build-up and extends the life of the carpet. Vacuuming also complements the effects of dry cleaning by removing surface debris.
  • Protect the carpet:
    Apply rugs or mats in high-traffic areas to protect the freshly cleaned carpet. This can prevent premature wear and soiling.
  • Follow service provider recommendations:
    Adhere to any specific recommendations or guidelines provided by the dry cleaning service. This will help to maintain your carpet’s cleanness for long-term.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Dry cleaning is an alternative to steam cleaning that you might choose for any number of reasons. For deep soiling, and cleaning in high-traffic areas, dry cleaning can be an excellent choice that will have your carpets looking great in no time!

We generally recommend steam cleaning for carpet clean. But for carpeted areas that need to be accessible in a shorter timeframe than the typical steam clean will take  drying time, in such case a dry clean may be the right choice for you.

The benefit of carpet dry cleaning is that you can walk over dry-cleaned carpets almost immediately – provided you’re not tracking dirt or crime onto the cleaned carpet. There’s virtually no delay at all in being free to walk over a dry-cleaned carpet once our services are complete.

Generally, yes. But we can’t guarantee that a stain will come out either through dry cleaning or steam cleaning. Occasionally, we’ll find stains that have been ‘set’ into the carpet by customers that have attempted to clean away a stain with an unsuited chemical.

Generally, yes! Odours are largely due to bacteria that has taken root in the carpet and started to grow. Dry cleaning your carpets is a fairly effective method of removing these bacteria and taking the pet smell with it. Some pet smells, like cat urine, can be harder to remove. This is classified as a rejuvenation clean.