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Carpet Stain & Odour Removal

Professional Carpet Stain Removal Service

Professional Carpet Stain & Odour Removal

Hire Carpet Cleaner offers a full range of carpet stain removal treatments, applied by our professionally trained technicians, that can remove stains that other cleaners simply leave behind. Carpet stain removal is only required for difficult stains and is often time consuming, but when you consider the cost to replace carpet you can appreciate that undertaking specialized stain removal is an investment in your home.

Accidents happen …

Those little accidents will happen, no matter how much you try to prevent them … children accidentally spilling a drink, someone knocking over a glass of red wine or dropping a plate of food … it’s happened to us all. It’s then usually a frantic dash to the kitchen cupboard for a cloth or towel to mop up the spillage as quickly as possible. Your best chance is to act quickly. Without a doubt, the longer spills remain on your carpets or upholstery, the harder they are to remove, as they turn into a stain. Most carpet stains can be dealt with, but stubborn carpet stains will probably require proven stain removal solutions and technical skills.

Types of Stain we remove:

Our carpet stain removal expert possesses the finest array of unique stain removal tools and products to eliminate virtually any stain. Our specialized stain removal treatments have been designed to achieve maximum success, and we firmly believe that “if we can’t get it out, no one can.”

Types of Stain:

Do all carpet stains come out?

The simple answer to this question is ‘no’. This is because some stains actually change the composition of the fiber itself bleaching or dying the carpet. All the contents of the stain will be removed by the deep cleaning process, however damage maybe already done to the colour pigments and carpet fibres. Stains such as pet urine and vomit are acid and can burn the fibers causing physical damage. The best thing is to act quickly and call us in straight away for the best chance of complete stain removal. Natural fibres like wool are generally extremely stubborn with stains as well as expensive to clean. They require special cleaning solution and method. Other side synthetic fibres are easy to clean and long lasting. Only the problem with synthetic materials are they not eco-friendly.

professional cleaning stain from carpet

Types of Odour we remove from Carpet:

Urine Odours –
Urine odours cannot simply be steam cleaned away, in fact basic carpet cleaning can create more odour. Urine is very difficult to remove as it permeates through many levels of flooring and requires IICRC qualified technicians. We have successfully removed hundreds of problematic urine infestations and can improve or remove your odours 100%.

Pet Oil Odours –
You have a pet that lives inside and sleeps on the carpet. You regularly wash your beloved best friend but it’s rubbed off on the carpet and rugs.

Food Odours –
Tenant just vacated a property and has been cooking curry for the last 12 months. Power went out, fridge turned off and you now have that horrific smell of rotten meat or a garbage bag leaked on the carpets whilst taking it outside. Don’t fear we have the solutions to your problems.

Smoke Odours –
From the heaviest of cigarette smokers, a burnt pot on the stove or to the more severe situation of a fire in your property, we can successfully remove the unpleasant odour. Left untreated the off gassing and bacteria’s left from smoke can cause adverse health effects.

Bacterial odours –
Flood damage previously occurred in your property and now it smells like mildew and mould. Carpet has been left wet for days by a untrustworthy carpet cleaner and it now smells like a wet dog. Both of these are due to the off gassing of bacteria. There is some serious stuff happening underneath the carpet and underlay and we can remedy this if acted upon sooner rather than later.

Death Scene Odour –
With care, compassion and understanding, we have a solution to your odour problem.

Car Odours –
Whether you are getting you car ready for sale or just need to remove those pungent cigarette odours, we can help eradicate all smells and increase you cars value.