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Hot Water Extraction

Hot Water Extraction - Flood suction

Hot Water Extraction - Flood suction

Hot Water Extraction is a method of carpet cleaning. It involves a combination of hot water and cleaning agents being injected into the fibers of a carpet at high pressure and the lifted soil being removed by a powerful vacuum. Hot water extraction can also be used when any carpet is damaged due to flow of excess water like flood or washing machine drain water. Here our experts will suck all the water with help of machine and through it.

The Difference Between Hot Water Extraction And Steam Cleaning.

Many people confuse hot water extraction with steam cleaning and refer to the former as steam cleaning when in fact they are two different processes. Each method uses a different temperature of water and often different cleaning solutions too. 

hot water extraction vs steam cleaning

Hot Water Extraction Vs Steam Cleaning

The main difference between the hot water extraction method and steam cleaning is basically the temperature of the water. Simple really! In order for a carpet to be steam cleaned, there has to be steam present. In other words the water has to boil and reach a temperature which produces gas. However applying steam to a carpet is not an effective method of rinsing out the cleaning solution. Conversely hot water extraction only requires for the water to be hot. Not so hot that it turns into steam but hot enough to clean into the depths of the carpet.

Types of carpets suitable for hot water extraction

Our hot water extraction technique works well for synthetic carpets including nylon, polyester, and olefin, as it breaks down dirt particles that are deeply embedded in the rug fibers.

When You Need Hot Water Extraction:

Deep Cleaning:
Effective for thorough cleaning in high-traffic areas or carpets with heavy soiling.

Tough Stains:
Recommended for stubborn stains that other methods may struggle to remove.

Pet Stains and Odors:
Particularly useful for tackling pet stains and eliminating associated odors.

Allergen Removal:
Efficient in removing allergens, dust mites, and microscopic particles from carpets.


hot water extraction before and after
  • Preventive Maintenance:
    Regular use helps maintain carpet freshness, preventing premature wear.
  • Commercial Space:
    Preferred in commercial spaces with high foot traffic and increased soiling.
  • Restoration after Water Damage:
    Crucial for restoring carpets after water damage, preventing mold growth.
  • Comprehensive Cleaning:
    Provides a comprehensive solution for visible dirt and unseen contaminants.